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Hundreds of folks turned out for this event. And it wasn't just alpaca shearing: it also included a BBQ, a sale at the boutique, music with CinderBlue and a classic car show. Visitors were welcome to stroll into one of the pastures to get up close to mothers and babies, even petting the calm, gentle South American natives. Plus, a fair bit of the day's proceeds from sales of fleeces, clothing and indeed, alpacas, went to the Redmond Humane Society.

The meticulously kept ranch on Lower Bridge Road is managed by Scott and Debbie Miller, and owned by Scott's parents. About twelve years ago, the operation moved from Friday Harbor, WA.

Jesus Garcia made the move, too. Jesus and Luis Ajala, who has been with the ranch for about seven years, were one of the teams shearing on Saturday. It was remarkable to watch the alpaca handlers gently and slowly ready the fawn yearling, Gizella, for clipping: she was brought in from a pen, stood waiting for Scott to examine and measure her hair, and then on-so-gently drawn to a stretch on rubber mats. From there, she was in a good position to have the bulk of her fleece shorn with electric clippers. Her neck, head and legs were then clipped. Each alpaca transformed into what resembled a character from a Dr. Seuss book. Luis even nuzzled several of the adorable creatures.

Several events are held at the Crescent Moon Alpaca Ranch each year, and the ranch and boutique are open to the public daily from 10 to 4. It's well worth the drive out.

Crescent Moon Alpaca Ranch
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