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Mounted Archery enthusiasts gathered in June 2010 at the Neumann's ranch near Sisters, Oregon for a training clinic.

The lead instructors were Katie Stearns ( ) and Holm Neumann ( Cascade Mounted Archery Center ) of Bend, Oregon. Participants included:
Diana Troyk of Scottsdale, AZ
Darran and Roberta Wardle ( 50 BMG ) of Eagle Point, OR
Dameon Willich ( Seattle Knights ) of Seattle, WA
Sarah Sayles ( Western Shooting Horse Magazine ) of Albuquerque, NM
Reginald and Larkin Hastings ( Ravenswood Leathers ) of White City, OR
Russ Beggs

ground archery

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ground archery

running the course

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running the course

how to hold many arrows with the bow

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how to hold many arrows with the bow

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